About Us


Located in the central region of Singapore, Ning Life extends their services by offering replacement of parts, brake tuning and advance top-notch repair. With our strength in this industry, we have 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering, troubleshooting, and handling of electronic gadgets. Our expertise includes identifying different types of problem in each electric scooter and always go into details from small bolts, screws, nuts to complicating electric circuit board, controller, and wires.

We want to ensure that we are providing our customer a top quality service and most importantly, “Your safety is our utmost concern.”

Ning Life goal is to bring affordable, versatile, fun, convenient, environmentally friendly, user-friendly E-Scooter and E-bikes as an alternative choice of transport. Riders can travel comfortably with latest features, travel in style and travel on time.

Our main responsibility is to educate every e-scooter rider in ensuring safe riding while abiding by Singapore’s Land & Transport Authority (LTA) rules.


Ning’s motto for every rider: Ride Safe & Enjoy Life.

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