Services & Repairs

We have a team of professional technicians that will provide you the best maintenance service for the upkeep of your NingLife electric scooter.

Our specialists suggest you come to our company service center to do a professional maintenance services every 6 months, which could be the optimum interval for maintaining your devices.

It is our utmost concern that Ninglife’s customers have a consistent and regular upkeep of electric scooters  purchased from Ninglife. It is the same for cars where certain mileage will require a routine maintenance. Here at Ninglife, we wish to help customers to feel confident in their purchase by providing impeccable customer after-sales service. Customer satisfaction is always our greatest priority.

Services & Repairs Form

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you very shortly. For immediate response, kindly contact us at +65 6887 1120 or +65 6887 1124.

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