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Ninglife professional technicians will provide the best electric scooter repairs & services for the upkeep of your Ninglife electric scooter.



Ninglife E-Scooters Repairs & Services

SPRING Safety Mark
LTA Compliant

Ninglife’s professional technicians will provide the best electric scooter repairs & services for the upkeep of your Ninglife electric scooter.

First of all, we place utmost concern on the safety of our customers when they are using our products. Quality over quantity is always Ninglife's motto when addressing customers' concerns. Therefore, we only import original spare parts from official manufacturers. Furthermore, we maintain great relations with the manufacturers to make sure all parts & certificates are up-to-date. Any problems faced by customers will be attended to with great priority, as time is priceless.Ninglife understands that a day without your electric scooter, is another day of hassle. Our approach is to look from the customer's point of view. Thus, we are able to provide quality electric scooter repairs & services. Relatively cheap electric scooter repairs & services, with quality & without any compromise.


Ongoing Promotion

We are offering our first 50 customers a FREE one-time off maintenance within 6 months from the date of purchase. Free electric scooter services includes brake tuning, bearing lubricating, conditions testing (motor, battery and controller).

If you are a satisfied Ninglife customer, do recommend Ninglife to your friends and family to obtain a $50 voucher upon completion of their purchase with Ninglife. Just like that, a $50 voucher is all yours.


Electric Scooter Repairs & Services

Our specialists suggest visits to our company service center for regular servicing.  Prolonged use of the electric scooters may cause wear and tear, decreasing the performance and user experience over time, and in rare occasions, jeopardise the user’s safety. Ninglife’s specialists suggest for customers to service their electric scooters every 6 months.This is highly encouraged to ensure your electric scooter is always performing at its best.After all, nobody wants any unwanted incidents to happen.

It is our utmost concern that Ninglife’s customers have a consistent and regular upkeep of their electric scooters. For example, cars will require a routine service upon reaching a specific mileage. Here at Ninglife, we wish to help customers to feel confident in their purchase by providing the best customer after-sales service. Customer satisfaction is always our greatest priority.

In conclusion, we encourage customers to send their electric scooters for repairs as opposed to replacing it. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Let's make an effort to reduce wastage for a greener future.