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NingLife Urban RX 48V 500W | Built-in Alarm and Anti Theft System | LED Lights


NingLife Urban RX, 48V 500W, is the latest generation of NingLife Urban which can travel up to 30-50km and furthermore, it comes with built-in alarm and anti-theft system which prevents from thieves. NingLife Urban RX is a LTA compliant electric foldable scooter whereby it weighs only 18kg. By using LG battery, NingLife Urban RX is one of the most safest electric scooter in Singapore. Using a ProX6 Brake Caliper with dual disc brake, it helps to brake effectively and efficiently. You can also pull your electric scooter like a luggage as there is a trolley function, in-front of NingLife Urban RX

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30km / 50km
Maximum Travel Distance
18kg / 19.5kg
Maximum Speed
LG 7.2AH / 12AH
Battery Capacity
Loading Capacity
SPRING Safety Mark
LTA Compliant


General Technical Specifications

Body Frame Material: Aviation Standard Aluminium Alloy
Scooter Operate System : Cruise mode, Two Hand brake System, Three Speed Mode
Braking System : Pro X6 Front & Rear Disc Brake
Maximum Distance : 30KM/50KM/80KM
Speeds (KM/H), (MPH) : Up to 25KM/H , Up to 15 MPH
Watt (W) : 500W / 1000W
Voltage (V) : 48V / 52V
Battery Capacity : LG 7.2Ah / 12Ah
Battery Life Cycle : 1000 Cycles / 2-3 Years
Charging Hours : 4-6 Hours
Scooter Weight : 15KG - 18KG
Maximum Loads :  150KG
Folding Dimension : 110cm*22cm*36cm
Unfolding Dimension : 110*26* (80-115) cm
Deck Widths : 21cm
Led Light : Three Colour ( Red, Blue & green)
Anti Theft System : 2X Wireless Remote
Internal Oval Alarm System :  Available
Seat : Black (Foldable Seat)
Trolley Function : Available ( Front )