NingLife Scoot

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Motor: 48V / 240W
Battery: 12AH
Range: >30km
Speed: 20km/hr
Weight: 27kg
Three Wheels Scooter

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Extended back for Stability and luggage

– Provide better stability and balance.
– Prevent from toppling or fall.
– Allow user to put their luggage for easier convenience.

Shorter charging time

– 3-4 hours to fully charge.

Better concept, design and lighter in weight

– Design is made such that it looks stylish
– Lighter in weight due to better material used
– Better pick up speed due to its light weight
– Aero-dynamic & lower air resistance

Full Handlebar Throttle

– Comfortable & Complete control over the electric scooter’s acceleration.
– Ergonomic & User-Friendly

Ning Scoot provide stability like no other electric scooter. User that prefer to have a electric scooter that thread on stability and comfort will not regret purchasing our scoot.

Using a throttling system, its user can control the speed of the scooter in a intuitive manner. Throttling system are well known for its efficient speed control like no other accelerating system. It is also the preferred throttling system for traditional motorcycle for the same reason.

The unique reverse function of Ning Scoot, means that users does not need to back paddle, or get down of the electric scooter to manoeuvre out of tricky situation.

Ning Scoot is also completely portable. Users can fold up its seat, handle bar, and the safety support bar. The folded scooter can then be pulled like a trolley. Users can choose to store it in their car boot or storeroom – taking minimum space.

At full throttle, Ning Scoot is able to reach a max speed of 25 km/hr*. The scooter is powered by a Samsun Li-ion 12Ah battery, which allow the scooter to travel to a max distance of 30 – 35km*. The max load of the electric scooter is 120kg and the scooter has a net weight of 20kg. It also comes with safety mark provided by Spring Singapore; giving our customer an ease of mind on purchasing this unique three-wheeler, e-scooter.

*Total distance and max speed are subjected to terrain condition and various factors.


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*varies on usage, load and gradeability


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