What you need to know before buying an E-Scooter (Electric Scooter)


What you need to know before buying an E-Scooter (Electric Scooter)

E-scooters (electric scooters) are a great way to travel. They’re light, portable and fast. You can fold them up on public transport and scoot your way to office in style. If you’re thinking of buying that shiny e-scooter in the window display, here are some rules to help you become a responsible rider.

  1. Electric scooters are only allowed on cycling/shared paths and pedestrian footpaths. Following LTA regulations, e-scooters are NOT allowed on the roads.
  2. Observe specific speed – 15km/hr on pedestrian footpaths, and 25km/hr on cycling paths. 
  3. Always switch on your lights (white light in front, red light at the back) during the night.
  4. Observe a safe distance from other users to avoid collisions. Always slow down when approaching an intersection or a road bend.
  5. Dismount and push your vehicle in high-traffic pedestrian areas such as bus stops, zebra crossing and traffic lights. 

These rules are not only for your safety, but for the safety of pedestrians. As such, safety is  always our priority. Our e-scooters are equipped with all the necessary safety features, and they are LTA-compliant. You can be assured that your ride with NingLife e-scooters will always be safe, and smooth.

Come down to our showroom and find the perfect e-scooter today!

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  1. Absolutely marvelous!! e-scooters are so nice and very good for health and nature as well. I personally enjoyed a lot riding on it. Thanks for nice post.

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