Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-scooter legal?
What are LTA's requirement for electric scooters to be compliant?
How do I turn on the scooter? Off?
Is there a warranty on my E-scooter?
How to maintain my E-scooter?
Will I damage the battery if I run it all the way dead?
How fast can the E-scooter go?
Can I make it go faster than the listed top speed?
Can I ride it off-road, jump off ramps/curbs or other hard core trick riding?
How far can I go on my E-scooter/ what’s the range?
How much does an E-scooter weigh?
How portable is the E-scooter?
What is the maximum weight to ride an E-scooter?
What is the minimum and maximum rider height?
Is the E-scooter rustproof and waterproof?
How much maintenance does the motor require?
Do I need to wear a helmet?
Do you ship overseas?


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