Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-scooter legal?
That’s one of the first questions many people asked us during testing. Contrary to popular belief, it’s indeed regulated by the LTA, and they have rules surrounding it. Many, in fact. But the general rule is to err on the side of caution, which most Singaporeans should be familiar with. But did you know you have to equip your PMD with a white light in front and a red one at the back? And if you can’t, you will have to wear a luminous vest or make yourself visible during the night. What PMD owners might not realise also is that pedestrians have the right of way on pedestrian crossings and in areas of high people traffic; you might even have to dismount and push your PMD across.
What are LTA's requirement for electric scooters to be compliant?
Is your E-scooter LTA approved/compliant?
It’s not. Our product is for sale to customers outside of Singapore only. It is not compliant for use on public paths in Singapore.
How do I turn on the E-scooter? Off?
To turn the battery on/off, press the power button located on the thumb throttle until the lights turn on/off (and the backlit LCD will also light up or turn off, respectively.)
Is there a warranty on my E-scooter?
Our warranty covers manufacturing defects
the warranty covers:
• Motor
• Battery
• Controller
• Display unit
• Charger

Keep your receipt/warranty card for warranty claim.
The following situations will not be covered by the warranty:
1. Malfunctions caused by unauthorized modifications, disassembly, shell opening not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.
2. Accidental damage or malfunction due to improper installation, incorrect use or operation not in accordance with the official instructions or manuals.
3. Damage caused by unauthorized repair.
4. Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits, mismatch or misuse of power source.
5. Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthenticated third-party parts.
6. Consumables (such as brake pads/ calipers, brake disc, tires, brake cable, bearings etc.)
7. Front and rear LED Light, Cable connectors wiring.

How to maintain my E-scooter?
E-scooters are highly efficient forms of transportation that can be used on many roads, streets and highways around the world. However, just like with any other form of motor vehicle, E-scooters need to be regularly maintained and kept clean inside and out in order to function properly without any unexpected complications.
Will I damage the battery if I run it all the way dead?
No. There’s no need to worry about over discharging your battery from riding. Our e-scooter was designed the system to always stay within a safe operating range while in use. However, do not store your battery for long periods of time while empty. Lithium batteries naturally self-discharge and may suffer damage if left for long periods without a charge. If storing unused we recommend charging at least once a month.
How fast can the E-scooter go?
We’ve tested our E-scooter products on a level surface up to an electronically adjustable 25 km/h top speed (using the programmable LCD settings which allow you to comply with any applicable local ordinances easily) and the Standard up to 20km/h. The Mini goes up to 10km/h. Generally our e-scooter had 3 speed gears to quickly limit the speed for more economic battery usage for distance or for speed.
Can I make it go faster than the listed top speed?
We limit the speed to 25 km/h for safety, according to the LTA approved speed. Sorry, we won’t raise this limit for anyone nor can you access the software in any way to change that you as higher speeds can lead to unsafe usage with the small wheels and size of the portable scooter. We feel up to 25 km/h is more than fast enough for thrilling rides and getting across town quickly and safely.
Can I ride it off-road, jump off ramps/curbs or other hard core trick riding?
Our e-scooter had engineered the board to handle shock and vibration, riding off curbs, doing jumps/hops, throwing the front down to the pavement, jumping ramps and other similar high impact events may damage internal electronic components over long term use. To prolong the life of the product we recommend minimizing hard riding. However, the scooter can ride off-road in general since its components are sealed from dust, dirt and water, or on grass or hard pack dirt. However, with the small wheels we recommend slower speeds on loose gravel as it was mainly designed for and performs best on paved street riding and for occasional rough terrain.
How far can I go on my E-scooter/ what’s the range?
We have different types of products which provide maximum driving distance from 25 to 35km, depending on usage & conditions. You can check more details/information on our products description page.
How much does an E-scooter weight?
Our patented technology allows the aircraft grade lightweight and durable aluminum Eon Scooter frame to be as lightweight as physically possible; most of the E-scooter’s weight is carried in the battery and motor. E-scooters are very lightweight considering the technology packed in them.
How portable is the E-scooter?
Extremely! Our E-scooters collapse quickly and easily in seconds, and is small enough to fit comfortably in a train, bus, car trunk, closet, office, hallway, classroom, or anywhere else you would bring a piece of luggage – either lay it down flat or stand it up vertically on its back end, it’s up to you.
What is the maximum weight to ride an E-scooter?
The E-Scooter does not have an official weight limit. We have had riders 113kg and over ride our scooters and love the incredible hill climbing power, smooth acceleration and comfortable full suspension ride. We have even tested the scooter riding double with friends at the same time without problems. While we don’t have a maximum weight we recommend under 120kg for the best riding experience.
What is the minimum and maximum rider height?
Fully adjustable handlebars can accommodate riders of any size, with its sleek, adjustable handlebars. Height can easily be adjusted from 70cm to 122cm and we have had riders comfortably ride the E-scooter that range in height from 125cm to 185cm.
Is the E-scooter rustproof and waterproof?
The scooter is water resistant (splash proof) during normal riding but it goes without saying that it should not be submerged under water ever. The sensitive and sophisticated electronics are sealed within the water & dustproof frame and the throttle and LCD display have waterproof buttons and sealed wiring and the motor is also sealed from the elements including dust and rain and puddles. Never expose the enclosed electronics/wiring to water. Riding the scooter in wet environments like rain or mud can still cause the bearings and hardware to corrode over time requiring possible replacement long term. In addition, riding in wet conditions is slippery and extremely dangerous on any scooter, so we don’t advise it on a regular basis. Damage due to water is not covered in your warranty. Always wipe off water afterwards and keep it dry to preserve the scooters life. It is always best to store the scooter indoors (in a garage or closet) rather than outdoors for prolonged storage.
How much maintenance does the motor require?
The motor is maintenance free. Our motor manufacturer has been making these types of motors for years so they’ve been thoroughly tested in the factory, in the field and with 1000’s of other customers and ours is no exception and the highest quality we could design and source in the world!
Do I need to wear a helmet?
Wearing a helmet is depends by the law, but putting on helmet while riding E-scooter can greatly reduce the probability of unnecessary accident occurrence. We highly recommend riders to wear helmet before using E-scooters.
Do you ship overseas?
No, the buyer/customer will shoulder all the shipping process, expenses and taxes. We provide carton and battery uninstall services.


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