E-Scooter Safety Tips: Good Habits When Riding At Night

Singapore e-Scooters Safety Tips - Good Habit When Riding at Night

E-Scooter Safety Tips: Good Habits When Riding At Night

With Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it is no wonder night riding has become more popular among electric scooter enthusiasts. The night is cooler, and there are less people, perfect for joyriding.

While the walkways and pavements may seem emptier, riders should still be aware of their surroundings always. Here are some tips for a fun, safe night ride.

1. Use your lights

Before venturing out into the night, always make sure you have a white front light, and red at the back. This will ensure that you can easily be seen as you scoot about.

2. Ring your bell early

Ringing your bell helps to alert pedestrians who may not be paying attention, especially children, old people and people who are on their phones. By ringing your bell early, it lets them know that you are approaching near and it helps to alert them.

3. Slow down

Speeding is a no-no. Even though the pavements may be empty, it is always important to keep to the speed limits of 15km/hr on footpath, and 25km/hr on shared cycling paths. This is for the safety of you or anyone else who may be on the paths.

Night riding can be a fun way to escape and just cruise around your neighbourhood. Always put safety and responsible riding first to make the most out of your experience. However, due to strict LTA regulations, do remember not to ride on the road.

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