E-scooter care tips for first time riders/owners


E-scooter care tips for first time riders/owners

Maintenance is better than repair, as the saying goes. If you want your e-scooter to last longer without major problems or breakdowns, here are some care tips to help keep your e-scooter up and running:

Know Your E-Scooter

To be able to maintain your e-scooter, you need to know it well, so that when you feel that something is wrong while riding, you can take the necessary steps to investigate the problem. 

Replace your brake pads and tires regularly

Frequent use of your e-scooter will cause wear-and-tear to your brake pads and tires. Old tires can cause accidents, especially on wet and slippery grounds because they lack traction. Worn out brake pads may also cause accidents if you are not able to brake properly.


The charger of an e-scooter generally has a light indicator – red light when charging, and green light to indicate that it’s fully charged. You will need to run your scooter for 10-20 seconds even when not in use, to allow current to run and prevent the battery from degenerating. Overcharging it too long may also damage the battery, so always be aware of the light indicator and unplug the charger when it turns green.


When you are cleaning your e-scooter, please do not dump water on it. It will damage your motor, controller, battery or any electrical components.

You will need the following equipment: Shoe brush, Toothbrush, Wet-tissue and Dry cloth. Use the wet-tissue to wipe all the exposed parts such as the e-scooter deck, stem, mudgard and base of the scooter. Use the shoe brush to brush off excess dirt and toothbrush to brush off those parts. Then take a clean new cloth, dampen it with soap (you can use laundry detergent for this) and wipe your scooter again. Don’t forget to wipe the seat! Lastly, wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

If you are still unsure of how to proceed with your e-scooter, you can drop by our showroom, where we will be more than happy to assist you in how to handle your e-scooter and provide the necessary maintenance for a smooth ride.

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