Avoid e-scooter accidents


As more and more people ride e-scooters, it becomes even more important to promote and encourage safe riding habits, for both the riders and pedestrians. Here are some reckless habits you should avoid:

Riding on the Road

This is the biggest NO-NO when riding an e-scooter. Your e-scooter is not a car, so it does not belong on the road. E-scooters are smaller in size, making the users not very visible to other vehicles on the road. This is dangerous to both you and drivers. Keep to the pavements and shared walkways. There’s enough space for everyone there. These are LTA regulations that must be followed.


For safety concerns, it is strongly recommended not to speed and maintain at a slow speed within the speed limit when scooting. You are sharing the footpaths and cycling paths with other riders and pedestrians. Keeping to the speed limit helps you brake or avoid obstacles in time.

Riding in crowded areas

Dismount and walk, or at least slow down when you see a big crowd. Do not attempt to weave through the crowd on your e-scooter.more likely to hit someone if you are on your scooter than if you are pushing it. For your own safety, be a gracious rider! Just walk it out until there’s a clear path you can ride through.

Your safety is important. That is why at NingLife, our e-scooters are equipped with the latest features and functions. You can purchase extra accessories like lights and extra-grip handlebars to make your ride a safer and more pleasant experience.

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